Excerpt from The Twisted Sisterhood:

I’m seeing a resigned complacency when it comes to the status quo, as well—a sort of Yeah, that’s the way it is out there. But I have a nice little cluster of girlfriends, so I’m fine complacency. This is, of course, complicated, multi-faceted stuff—you can’t generalize, stereotype, or paint females with too broad a brush. But get this: a staggering 88% of the more than 3000 women I’ve heard from think a distinct undercurrent of negativity, competition, and meanness plagues our gender, in many cases the very same women singing the praises of Girl Power, feminism, and female friendship in their lives. So I can’t help but wonder: is this really our endgame? Have we become so collectively busy, distracted, cynical, disconnected, or laissez faire that we’ll just accept entrenched negativity, quiet suffering, and the deterioration of basic civility and support as our lot, our It is what it is, the necessary cost of doing business as a female in this country? Isn’t it time to revisit the fundamental tenets of sisterhood and humanity and try to quell the subterranean unease that percolates beneath these frozen smiles?